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Sue Doeksen

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"Lost and Found"
Sue Doeksen

About shirts and sizes:

We screen-print on 100% cotton American Apparel Unisex t-shirts (great for both men and women). These tees are the softest and most comfy around.

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Season Two, where are you?

The upcoming battles for season two feature illustration superstars, spanking new themes, and inspiring designs you'll want to claim as your own. Join our mailing list to get word.

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There's Always A First, by Anjo Bolarda
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Another World, by Chris Piascik
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Lost and Found, by Sue Doeksen
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Reckless Erica FAQ
What is Reckless Erica?
Reckless Erica is a collaboration between two friends to start a clothing company that asks invited artists to produce artwork loosely based on a theme or phrase. With the artists never knowing their challenger, we take their submission online for a head-to-head battle and vote from the community, leaving only one left standing. The winning art then lands itself on a t-shirt and sold in our shop in limited-release.
Who's Erica?
Reckless Erica is a girl that doesn't always seem to be on the right path but is always where she wants to be. We first met her in a story by Paul Arden (Whatever you think, think the opposite.).
Who is behind this effort?
Shhh... We're keeping this part a bit secret as we don't want to lose our day job, at least not until we sell enough t-shirts where we can.
How often do artists battle?
Right now, approximately every two weeks.
Do the artists get paid?
They do. Besides a kiss from Erica, the winning artist gets a few dollars for every t-shirt sold.
How can I become an invited artist?
We are currently hand-picking artists we've respected and loved for years, but if you feel you've got the chops and ego that can take possible rejection, email us at recklesserica [at] gmail [dot] com.
What kind of shirts do you print on?
The always comfy, sexy and U.S. made American Apparel.
Do you ship international?
We sure do. We ship anywhere that has a mailing address.
Do you even know what you're doing?
Yes and no. We've been involved in fashion, art and print-making. We like music, the internet and making friends. We like girls and boys and even the ones that fall in-between. This concept is not perfect by any means. We don't know if it will fail or succeed, but we do know this is a combination of everything we are passionate about and that is what matters. We also expect it to evolve over time, you can help with that, send your feedback to: recklesserica [at] gmail [dot] com.